by: Hannah Queen
I am terrified, terrified that I would have lived a pointless life. Terrified I will take 
a breath and it was my last; that I will have blinked and my life is done.  And I
will have been nothing, I will have done nothing. I would have influenced no
one; I would have changed nothing.  And my entire life would have been a
waste. I’m scared I will have never been anything, never been recognized,
not that I need to be recognized but will have done nothing worthy of
 recognition. And like that it’s over, and I don’t get a second chance.
For what? For partying, for my wants, for what I thought seemed
important but was pointless. See, a wasted life doesn’t just look
like a pill poppin, booze intoxicating, one night stand kind of
life, but maybe a binge-watching fixation on other people's
 perfect, fake, unrealistic lives while I sit on the couch and
chilling, complaining and wishing that my life all the while
sitting on couch doing nothing. I wasted it by because I
didn’t get to know anyone on a deep personal level, and
I saw the potential I could have had and thought no its
too hard and I threw it away. I wasted everything, my
job, my pain, my opportunities, my influences, my
work, my life. All gone. I could have been someone,
 I could have radically changed someone’s life
forever but I’d rather sit in my zone of comfort
 and be complacent with where I am. So how
do I not waste your life? I decide to get up
and make the most of every opportunity.
I find people to change and influence.
I make a difference in the world.
I invest in something greater.
I don’t wait till
it is too

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