The Lizardo Wedding

                               The wedding ceremony
The Invitation
The wedding cake

Cute side story (yes it is all true), I nanny two kids Emma who is 10 and Liam who is 7. They live in a cul de sac where Kate (8) and Sophia (6) are always playing together. A few weeks ago they found a lizard and adopted it as a pet with the name Charlie; they took great care of it. Well the other day they found a girl lizard (they did research to know genders of lizards)  who they named Charlene. They decided the lizards needed to get married and have little lizard babies. When they come inside they hand me a printed invitation that explained the wedding was happening tonight, and to wear formal wear. So they go inside to change and get the wedding ready. They made a mini cake with bread and icing and layered it and they made punch with medicine cups with fruit punch for the reception. Liam held the groom then followed Sophia playing the flower girl and then Emma walked down the aisle holding the bride. (Yes we even had the wedding music.) Kate then officiated the wedding, they said vows and I do’s and had the lizards kissed and announced them Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Lizardo. Kids imaginations are great and they came up with all of this on their own. Just a small picture of how kids even know how weddings work. 

**Update on Charlie and Charlene both lizards have passed away. Apparently the marriage was too much for the both of them.

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