The End But Not Over

How I Got Here:

When I was in high school I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and It wasn’t until graduation I truly discovered I loved writing. On my, about me page I said, “One thing that made me fall in love with writing was when I was to give my salutatorian speech my senior year. After I gave the speech I had a teacher ask me if I could just come back and write the speeches every year and that I should become a speechwriter. That was really encouraging to me and made me want to begin writing a book.” I attended and graduated Georgia Highlands with a major in Middle Grades Education. While I use to be an English Education major, through a series of events I am now an English major with a minor in Professional Writing.

Writing is Important:

I think writing has this tendency to be something you can not live off of. When you tell people you are an English major the first thing they ask is “Are you going to teach?’, no, I am not. People assume you can not make a living on being an English major unless you teach, but in fact, you can. As a society, we are seeing a shift of this where more people understand why writers are important. We have shifted to more social media presence and the need for writers have gone up. Part of being an English major means developing good communications on multiple platforms including writing, visual, blogging, and spoken.

The Best Team:

Thanks to the best team!

I want to take time to thank my content design team members, Tiffany, Zac, Danny, and Jordan. Linked is their blog where you can check them out too. They helped me shape my blog, edit it, and gave me tips to better my blog as whole. We had a great semester together and they made it so much fun. The many memories of finding a booth to sit in, being jealous of Texas Chainsaw Massacre playing nearby, to sometimes having no idea what we were doing, they were the best possible team. They offered so much support and thank you all guys for everything you all did this semester!

What I have Learned:

This is my second time taking this course. While they different both semesters I have learned a lot from each. One thing I did that I had not before was an experiential review where I got to go do a fun activity and write about it. I went to Medieval Times with my brother for his birthday, “At one point I had even forgotten I was in a mall. It is an experience like no other and I would highly recommend this to anyone and would want to go back to do it again!” It was fun to try a different way of writing. Another thing I really enjoyed doing was the article for Pet Partners. The goal was to create an article about the organization as well as a digital storytelling video for them as well.

I feel like the first semester was learning how to navigate a blog and getting used to it. Whereas this semester I learned how I can effectively utilize this for my future career. I am more confident in my blog and working through the blog. I have created something I am proud of, willing and wanting to show future employers. Doing all the projects we have done this semester and working on my resume has taught me I have more to offer than I realized. As I worked on my resume I realized that I have done more than I realized I have done and bring more to the table than I knew. This class gave me a boost of confidence as I am preparing to graduate in the spring for my future. While I know this is the end of this class, this blog and idea of defining who I am through a blog, is not yet over. If I could give any tips and advice for you it would be the following sentences. 1. Don’t stress if you don’t know what you will do with your life; it will all work out. 2. Find your passion in life is and pursue it. 3. Don’t let what others say about you define you. 4. Find some good trustworthy friends that can help you through the hard times; it makes life easier. 5. Don’t let fear stop you from doing something potentially great and life changing.

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