Poems & Short Stories

Hello dear reader, listed below are a few samples of my poems and a short story. There is a short description as well as the link to the pieces themselves.

“Wasted”: The poem “Wasted” is a about how life is short and not wanting to waste away your life. There is also a distinct look to the poem. The inspiration for this poem came about from realizing how easy it is to waste away our lives, not just to addictions but also to things that waste our time and energy.

“Journey Through Colors”: The poem “Journey Through Colors” is a short journey that an artist takes when learning to paint for the first time and growing in confidence. I would consider myself an artist, I enjoy painting. I use mostly oils and acrylic paints. When I wrote this poem I had recently been in an art class and was learning new techniques and made reference to them.

“Amelia’s Beach House”: The short story “Amelia’s Beach House” is a romance story with a thriller ending; I’ll leave it at that as to not give too much away. This one is a short eight or so pages to read and an intense captivating story. I have always enjoyed romance and thriller stories. I am also currently working on a book with the same genre a thriller romance, but that is later to come.   **Disclaimer** Amelia’s Beach House is not yet published on my blog but is coming soon!!

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