Multimodal Projects


Anne’s Diary is Not Anne: The goal of this project was to take my eighteen page research paper and create a multimodal project to showcase what the topic in my essay was. We could be as creative as we wanted and naturally, I wanted to utilize my blog to show what all semester had been working toward. In this blog post I discuss The Diary of Anne Frank and how as a society we have made it into a selling point rather than history. I contrast two film on The Diary of Anne Frank, the 1959 version and the 2009 version showing the differences. In the end Anne can not be broken down into a book, rather she was so much more.  


Conformity: The goal of this project was to work with our small group of four people to create a month long project of our choice. We decided to study conformity in our society. We conducted research about conformity and artifacts in conformity. We also conducted surveys on campus to ask questions about conformity, as well as getting kicked out of the building we were in. The research shows that most people conform on the smaller issues, but said if it was a major issue or ideology they would stick with what they believed in.



Article Review: The goal of this was to do an article review on Lisa Dush’s “When Writing Becomes Content”. I summarize the article, list the positive aspects of the article, as well as list the inconsistencies, and response to her argument as well.


Infographic: The goal of this was to create an infographic of any topic or subject we choose. I decided to do the End It Movement which is a movement to create awareness of slavery. Did you know there are twenty-seven million people still in slavery today? That is 27,000,000 people today still in slavery. On the infographic you will find more information listed and can also visit their website for more information as well.


Pet Partners: The goal of writing this one was to write an article for the organization Pet Partners for their website. Also attached to the article is a digital storytelling video I have created for them as well. They will be using both the article and the video for marketing purposes and to advertise for Rescue Dog Olympics that will take place in March of 2019. For the article and more information click the icon.



Wedtorics: The goal of this projects was to write a post on the rhetoric of any subject we decided. Working around a lot of weddings I thought this could be a fun way to explore the rhetorics surrounding weddings. In Wedtorics you will find interesting facts about weddings as well as an infographic on weddings. Another thing listed in Wedtorics is a cute story about the Lizardo Wedding, trust me go read it.