Why 2017 became the year of healing:

In the span of one year I lost five people close to me. Some expected but most of them unexpected. I lost my grandmother, grandfather, Brandon’s grandmother, Brandon’s brother and my aunt. What felt like blow after blow brought me closer to God and the Passion Conference fell at just he right time for the hardest ones. EDIT These events pushed our mine and Brandon’s relationship and ultimately brought us closet to one another. Brandon and I started dating in April of 2015 and all five loses happened between 2015-2016. EDIT

I was really close to my grandmother; she had a way of making you feel like you were favorite person. That is one thing I learned from her, was to make everyone feel loved and favored. When I was in middle school she had cancer and went through chemo treatments. I was home schooled so I remember getting to go with her to the cancer center to get her treatments. I know she was tired when she would leave but she seemed unfazed other than that. I never knew till I was older just how much of a toll the treatments took on her. However she made a full recovery and would have five years cancer free when she passed away.

A few weeks before Christmas my grandma Minnie fell and broke her hand bring groceries in. My mom and I met her at the hospital and stayed with her most of the night. A couple days before Christmas she was able to get her cast off and removed. I remember her being at my aunts house Christmas day complaining about her shoulder hurting from the cast being on.

That Night:

Just a few days after Christmas Brandon and my family decided we would all go bowling. We had his car and my families car, we meet at Stars and Strikes and had a great time. My mom always talked to her mom each day. That day she had not heard from her we were only about five minuets away from her house so we decided we would all go over to check in on her.

I remember riding with Brandon and pulling up behind my parents into my grandparents steep driveway. My parents, Brandon, and I got out and told the kids to sit in the car for a few minuets. We walked up to the door and knocked several times. There was no answer and that was unlike her. My mom was worried something was wrong, but it like the feeling of something may be wrong but you know there is not anything wrong but you can’t help but worry anyway. Her window by the front door was unlocked so we opened it up and I slipped in and unlocked the front door. The room seemed still as we called her name with no answer but our voices echoing the seemingly empty house. My mom refused to leave the living room as my dad and I went down the long hallway looking for her.