Experiential Review: Medieval Times

The gates at Medieval Times

The Arrival & First Impressions

My sister Sarah, me, & my boyfriend Brandon

On August 31st I went to Medieval Times and I highly recommend it; this is an experience unlike most. The Medieval Times I went to is located in Sugarloaf Mills Mall, when you get there, depending on where you park, there is a castle on the side of the mall. Unfortunately, you cannot enter through the castle itself but to enter you have to go into the mall. Once inside there is a box office where you can purchase tickets, and stand in line. However, you can not enter until seventy-five minutes before the play. We were the first people in line for the regular tickets, you can do the VIP tickets, but for my brothers birthday we did the regular tickets. Once they let you in you receive a paper crown and your table number and get to take a picture with the king. The paper crown is a color that determines the team you are rooting for. In this case we were the red and yellow team. Once in the lobby area you can walk around since they won’t let you in until fifteen minutes before the show. You can order drinks, sit by the fireplace, buy souvenirs, or do the museum of torture. In the store they sell sealing wax and an initial stamp which I bought. We did the museum of torture, which is only $2, it is the historical ways they use to torture people in previous centuries. It is quite interesting and graphic, and it is not the best for young children.


The Seating & Intro

The King and Princess welcoming everyone


Once they let you in you set at the table number you are assigned. Depending on if you have a big party determines if you sit with other people. My family had seven in our group so we took up most of the seating with a few people we didn’t know at our table also. They start the show within ten minutes of having you sit down. Once they dim the lights the show begins and the king enters gives his speech welcoming his peasants. He begins his monologue and the conversation with his daughter as they begin to serve you your food.

Food at Medieval Times Photo courtesy of Medieval Times Website.




The Food

Once you are seated you have your waiter come up and take your drink order. Depending on what you drink you order determines how you place your cup. For example, I ordered sweet tea so I would turn my cup handle away from me. To make it more authentic they do not have any eating easting utensils because they wouldn’t have had them during the Medieval Times. The first thing they serve you is a bowl of tomato bisque; the bowl has a handle making it easy to drink out of. They also serve you bread, roasted chicken, potato wedges, and sweet corn on the cob. The food is all well done and put together; it is easy to eat with your hands, and taste delicious. At the end they serve you a lemon pound cake and coffee which were also both delicious. You get to eat as you watch the show. Our waiter was super nice and helpful, the food came out hot and fast. 


The Show & Jousting

The Knights at Medieval Times

There are six teams two of which are your allies and three your enemies. When the king introduces them they come riding in on live horses while everyone is cheering. They show off their skill levels and begin running their javelins into a bullseye, as they work their way up to bigger competitions. Every time there’s a winner (or few winners) for every round the winners are given flowers they can throw to their subjects.

My brother Josiah meeting our knight

The final competition is the jousting. They drop a net between the audience around the arena and the knights as a safety measure and begin the jousting. Once one knight falls down, the other knight will begin to dismount his horse and they sword fight to the death (performing obviously).The winner takes on the next person and so on until you are left with two knights dueling. The last two were our team, the red and yellow striped team, and the black team. It was an intense match as you are rooting for your team. Unfortunately our team lost and the black team was declared as winners. Despite losing we still had an amazing time. After the show you have the opportunity to met your knight and my brother got to take a picture with the knight.



During the performance you definitely feel like you have been transported to an older time in history and feel like your in the Medieval Times. At one point I had even forgotten I was in a mall. It is an experience like no other and I would highly recommend this to anyone and would want to go back to do it again! I honestly liked every part of the experience and can not think of anything I did not like. If I were to give a rating I would rate it a 5/5 the place is beautiful, the food is great, and the show is breathtaking. 

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