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People tend to think most movies and t.v. shows can be overrated but they can actually teach us a lot. I have noticed that even in the funny scenes we can find thing that are useful. While I know everyone has their own likes and dislikes when it comes to movies and t.v. shows, most of them will be ones that are my favorite. I did however, incorporate a wide variety of types and genres to make most everyone happy. Listed below are my top seven pieces of advice based on movies and t.v. shows. Also, dear reader, this blog will be much more enjoyable for you if you interact with the hyperlinks. Many of them are video clips that I hope you will enjoy, so grab a coffee, or whatever you drink, sit back and enjoy ‘As Seen On T.V.

Know How To Write a Paper:

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When writing papers in school, work, or life in general, just keep working at it. When you do not know what to write or say just keep writing. Do not stress and freak out, take a deep breath and play around with different sentences, see what sounds best. Okay so maybe try reading this also, but please don’t procrastinate. Procrastinating is just being stressed longer about it to avoid doing.



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Find your Lobster:

Find your L•O•B•S•T•E•R; Either you know exactly what I am talking about or you have no idea. For those of you that do not understand this reference, let me explain. This is a scene from Friends where Phoebe says that is that lobsters mate for life. She claims she knows Ross and Rachel will be together because they are each other’s lobsters. If you click the lobster link above you can watch the scene to better understand what I mean. While unfortunately this fact is not actually true, the idea is still cute. I mean who doesn’t love good love story, like the scene from UP, gets me every time. Love isn’t perfect, it is messy, and sometimes the endings are sad, but sometimes they do end in happily ever after.


Beware of the Internet:

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Not everything you see on the internet is true. Most of us know that, but sometimes we still fall victim to believing the internet when it tells us something. How many times have you not known something and went to google it, probably daily. Do you believe everything you read online? There are websites out there to help if you are not sure whether something is true or not, one of them is Snopes. Then there are websites where everything on it is false and it is a joke, but people take it serious, for example Babylon Bee. Also don’t try everything you see on the internet. Just because it is on the internet does not mean you should try it. The internet is a dangerous thing and you never know who you could be talking to, so be careful reader.




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Love your Siblings:

Love your siblings, you guys may fight, all siblings do, and life can be crazy but they are in it with you for the long haul. You do not want to look back years from now and never talk to your brother or sister. I do not know your situation but I hope it is one that you if you do have a problem with your siblings you can find a way to forgive them. You will be so much happier if you have a good relationship with them.

Be You:

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Never be afraid to be you and who you are. We are all created unique and different, embrace that, do not hide who you are. You are enough, the world is going to tell you that you are not enough but those are lies. Do not believe the lie that you do not matter; you matter. Whatever you have done or has been done to you does not define who you are.




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Learn to Cook:

Learn to cook, guys even something simple (Jordan’s blog). I’m just saying guys it Lenny the rat from Ratatouille can do it you can cook too. Learning to cook may not be easy at first but do not let that stop you. I mean we have a whole network dedicated to food and food is essential to life so make it good. Please don’t be one of these people, just know how to cook, even a simple dish. I’m not sure if it is just me but I love scrolling through my phone late at night watching a hundred Tasty videos, is this just me?



Don’t Use Words you Don’t Know:

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If you do not know what a word means please do not use it. Nothing is worse than using words that do not mean what you think they mean. It is funny for everyone around you maybe, but save yourself the embarrassment know what it means first. Anybody remember that Spongebob scene? Yeah, that is not what claustrophobic means. Also just because you know what it means doesn’t mean you know how use it. If you are not sure about what a word means or how to use it, try using a dictionary just to be sure.




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That’s a Wrap:

So let me recap some of my best advice according to movies and t.v. shows are: 1. Know how to write a paper 2. Find your lobster 3. Beware of the internet 4. Love your siblings 5. Be you 6. Learn to cook 7. Don’t use words you don’t know. I know there is way more advice out there that I could give but for one sitting for you let’s stick with these seven for now.

Here is a list of all the shows and movies listed in this blog post: The Office, Seinfeld, Mr. Bean, Friends, Up, The Middle, Napoleon Dynamite, Parenthood, This is Us, The Greatest Showman, Horton Hears a Who, Ratatouille, Downton Abbey, Worst Cooks in America, Tasty, The Princess Bride, Spongebob Squarepants

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