Amelia’s Beach House

Amelia’s Beach House

           Amelia was running for her life; her heart felt as if it was pounding out of her chest.  With every step she took her feet felt as if they were sinking into the concrete. She turned behind her to see if he was still after her. She quick whipped back around with her recently short and dyed red hair bobbing around, she pushed it back away from her eyes. She glanced back and didn’t see him. She saw an alleyway and darted in shadows hoping to not be seen. She never imagined this is where she’d end up.

~Two Years Earlier~

           Amelia’s long blonde hair beamed in the sunlight as she was sitting on the beach. She wore her favor jean shorts and her color block bikini top. She dug her blue painted toenails in the sand and picked up her coffee. She was a creature of habit, every morning she would wake up at seven a.m. and make her coffee; her coffee with fourteen white chocolate chips, one spoon of sugar, and a little splash of half and half. Put on some shorts and bikini top or tee shirt and walk out of her house on to the beach. She had bought the beach house in Chatham, Massachusetts that she got for a good deal at an auction a few years ago. She loved being on the beach, she grew up on a farm in the south so she never got to experience the beach until she was eighteen when she went on a trip with some friends. From that moment on she was determined to buy a beach home one day. She worked and saved her money until she was able to buy her dream house. Her house was a modest little thing painted soft yellow with a white wrap around porch that lead out onto the beach.

           Amelia sipped her coffee and watched the sun rise as she stretched her legs. As she took her last sip of coffee she pulled off her jean shorts with her black bikini bottoms underneath to go for a swim. She loves being at the beach and swimming in the salty water. She thought she could be a mermaid in a different life. When she was in the water she could see that a man was knocking on her door. She got out of the water, grabbed her coffee cup, shorts, and her towel as she dried her hair walking toward the house. “Umm, can I help you?” Amelia asked the stranger. He turned around, standing there all tall and handsome. She noticed he had dark brown hair, green eyes, and a little bit of a beard, not a full on beard but when someone is just starting to grow out a beard. She also noticed he had a tattoo of a wolf on his left forearm. “Ya,” he smiled, “I’m new to town here and your new neighbor I just wanted to introduce myself. I’m Alex.”, he extended his hand out to shake hers. She reached out and shook his, and smiled “I’m Amelia”. He smiled and said “Well Amelia it’s nice to meet you. Would you want to grab dinner sometime?” “Do you ask out all your new neighbors on a date?” She grinned. “Nope, just the pretty ones” he said. “Let me think about it” Amelia responded. Alex rolled his eyes, “Come on, you know you want to. I know you don’t got a boyfriend so what’s the hold up?” Amelia becoming slightly annoyed said, “well maybe you’re just not my type and also what makes you think I don’t have a boyfriend?!” He chuckled, “Well for one I know I’m your type because you’re still standing here talking to me and when I asked you to dinner you didn’t say no. Plus the cat on your porch just screams single and alone.” Amelia stemming inside blurted out in a harsh tone, “First off that’s not my cat stupid thing wonders on my porch every now and looks for food. Secondly I’m done with this conversation!” She pushed past him and went in the house slamming the door. He rolled his eyes and shouted “I’ll see you later” as he walked away. Amelia on the other side of the door rolled her eyes, and peered through the window seeing him walk off. She went upstairs showered, and got dressed for work.

           Amelia worked at a flower shop in the downtown named “All in Bloom” where she knew most of the locals. Every other Saturday Ms. Harriet would come in to pick up purple leather flowers and white camellias for her husband’s grave. Miss Julia was in the shop practically every day looking at flowers for her wedding in the next couple months. Mrs. Staci was in most days picking up flowers for her tables in the restaurant she owned down the street. And all the men would come in on their wives birthdays and anniversaries. Valentine’s Day was one of the biggest days of the year where the men would flood the shop asking what they recommended for their wives. Amelia always seemed to know the right answer.

           Minnie also worked at the shop with her, she was on of Amelia’s best friends. Minnie was tall and thin with short brown hair and in her mid-twenties. The first week in town Minnie welcomed her with open arms; she was also from the south. They became immediately inseparable. With the shop empty that morning Minnie and Amelia were getting Mrs. Staci’s order ready for pickup today. “So, something weird happened today…” Amelia stated. With a quizative look Minnie said, “Oh really? Do tell!” “Well this morning I was on the beach and was walking back to the house and a man was knocking on my door. When I went to the door there is some guy name Alex standing there and had moved in next store and asked me out.” “Well was he cute?” Minnie grinned. “That’s not the point he was so forward and annoying.” Minnie thought for a moment and said, “What could one date hurt? Worst case is that you have a bad first date, best case is that you marry him one day.” Amelia giggled, “Really?.. you had to go there that fast?” “Well…” Minnie laughed. Amelia sighed, “I’ll think about it.” The little bell on the top of the door rang as Mrs. Staci walked in to pick up her order, and Amelia went about her day.

           Two days went by since Alex had stopped by. Amelia went back and forth on what to do but decided Minnie was right and she should just go for it. Amelia went and knocked on his door, he opened the door and grinning. “So.., wanna grab that dinner?” Amelia asked. “Now, what makes you think I don’t got a girlfriend?” “Because if you did you would have said no” she snapped back smirking. “Well then what’s a great place to eat then Miss local?” he said. “Come on I know a great seafood place.” While at dinner they talked about their likes and dislikes. How Alex liked his coffee black and Amelia liked hers sweet. How they both had dogs as kids and how Amelia had a pet fish named Cat because she figured why not. Amelia learned Alex just got a job at Brims auto shop. Immediately they both felt like a connection to one another like they hadn’t felt before. After dinner they went down to the beach and sat down in the sand. As the wind blew Amelia’s hair Alex pushed her hair back behind her ears and leaned in for a kiss. “Wait” Amelia whispered. “Why?” He asked. “Well, I uh, I don’t really like to kiss on the first date.” “Who said this was a date?” He whispered back. “Alex, please.” He pulled back from her and thought for a moment then said, “Well then how about dinner again tomorrow?” She stood up, “Maybe” she smiled as she walked back to her house and went inside. The next morning Amelia began her day as usual and went out onto the beach. While she sat there drinking her coffee Alex walked up and sat down next to her. “Do you do this every morning?” “For the past couple years, yes. Something about the sunrise, just breathtaking, every day it’s different. I just can’t get over it.” “Why don’t we go get breakfast and get to know each other better?” “Okay Mr. Persistent, I have a couple hours before work.” “Well I don’t want to miss out on an opportunity with a pretty girl like you.” He stood up and reached out his hand out help her up. She went to the house to quickly change and they headed out to a little cafe in town for breakfast. As they chatted and laughed time flew by, “I have to leave for work” Amelia said. “Mel, can I call you that?” he asked. “Sure, I like it. “Then Mel, how about that kiss?” “How about after dinner tonight, my place, 7:00?” “I’ll be there” he grinned.

           That night Amelia cooked up some fish, a recipe that her grandmother taught her. She also cooked asparagus and potatoes, she also made up a pitcher of sweet tea. She couldn’t get used to northern tea; she always went back to her southern roots when it came to sweet tea. Alex knocked on the door and Amelia went over to let him in. They enjoyed dinner and reminisced on childhood memories.”Dinner was delicious Mel” Alex stated. “Thank you, hey why don’t we go for a swim?”, she asked. Alex went next store to change and she quickly gathered up the dishes into the sink and ran upstairs to change. About ten minutes later they went and met on the beach.

           The moon was full and the stars canvassed the sky like lightning bug would cover a field. The water was a little chilly as she waded in the water while goosebumps shot up her arms. Alex looked over at her, she looked so pretty as she seemed to glow underneath the moonlight. He swam closer to her and grabbed her waist and pulled her in. She breathed heavy and looked into his eyes as she leaned in while he met her halfway their lips locking for a kiss. He brushed her wet hair away from her face and pushed it behind her ears kissing her again. The seconds felt like minutes as time seemed to slow down and the moment perfect. They went and laid on the beach looking the stars. Alex propped his elbow in the sand staring at Amelia, “What?” Amelia asked as she felt him starting at her. “You’re so beautiful.” Amelia grinned and moved a little closer to him. Finally Amelia set up, “I should probably go to bed, it’s late and I have work tomorrow.” He walked her to her porch and kissed her once more, “Sleep well beautiful.” She smiled and watched him walk off over next door and went inside. As she lay in bed she couldn’t remember a time being more happy than she was then.

           The next morning she heard a loud knock on her door. She opened it to see Alex standing there smiling, “Want to go to breakfast?” “Sure, give me about fifteen minutes.” While at breakfast Alex said, “So now that we are boyfriend and girlfriend want to come over to my house for dinner tomorrow night?” “Who said we are boyfriend and girlfriend?” Amelia questioned. “Is that a no to both?” He asked. Amelia smirked giving him that suspicious look and said, “It’s a yes to both.” Alex smiled and leaned in to kiss her on the check. That was the start of their relationship. As they began dating, everything was perfect, dream like even, maybe too perfect Amelia wondered.

           About two years went by and Amelia started noticing some changes. Alex seemed to want to know every detail of her day, not in a interesting way but in a needed to know way. He began to look through her phone and ask questions about who some guys were. He started making request that she be home by a certain time if he wasn’t with her. He claimed he wanted to know she was safe but she was suspicious of this. Then he became more possessive. He no longer made request but demands and he began raising his voice at her when she made him angry. One night her girlfriend Minnie came over for dinner. After dinner they went and sat on the couch drinking a coffee. “Minnie I think I’m going to break it off with Alex.” “Why you guys are awesome together, you’re the couple every girl wants in a relationship, Alex idolizes you.” “That the problem, he’s too obsessive, he has to know every detail. He’s changing too, he’s becoming angry and I’m not liking this. I’ve been in denial about this for too long. Minnie, sometimes he scares me”. Amelia’s phone rang, it was Alex, she rolled her eyes and declined the call. He called again and she turned off the phone, “I just don’t want to do this anymore” she said finally breaking into tears burying her face into her hands. “Amelia, honey, if you want out then get out, he’s might be heartbroken but you don’t deserve to be treated like this.” “I know” she said forcing a smile and sniffling. Minnie leaned over and hugged Amelia tight; they talked for another hour and Minnie left for the night. Amelia went up and got ready for bed. She lay there wide awake rerunning various scenarios in her head and what she would say. Finally she was able to fall asleep.

           The next morning she heard banging on the front door. She threw on her robe and walked downstairs to see Alex at the door. She opened it and he pushed his way in. “I know you were home last night! Who were you with?! You ignored my calls and turn your phone off and don’t even bother calling me back?!” he shouted. Amelia was furious with the way he was asking. She remembered she told him two days ago about her plans with Minnie shouted back. “Why do you care? You act like I’m cheating on you! I told you I had plans and this is proof you only listen to me when you want! I’m so sick of the way you treat me and I won’t have it anymore!” He slapped her and said “Don’t you ever talk to me in that tone of voice again!” “Get out of my house, we’re done and don’t ever come back.” She said. “We’ll see!” he said, slamming the door behind him.

           The first few days after that were quite, potentially too quiet? She didn’t see him around the beach and she finally felt she may be safe. But then one day less than a week later she had a voicemail from Alex. He sounded drunk, he was begging for her back, and how sorry he was. She deleted it and refused to think twice about it. However, things got weirder, she then started receiving threats from him and she could feel him watching her. She knew she had to get out of Chatham but was scared for her life. She went to the store and bought some hair dye. She packed her bags and cut her hair short and dyed it red. She put a hat and hoodie on trying to cover up her new hair. She slipped out the door undetected and bought a bus ticket to New York.

           She thought she made it out. She figured she would lay low a few months then go back home. What she didn’t know is Alex slipped on the bus unnoticed by her, watch her all the while. She breathed a sigh of relief and called Minnie to explain everything to her. She told her she was going to stay with her sister Jessica in New York for a few months, then come back home, and if she needed anything to let her know. She got to New York and her sister met her at the station Alex stayed back and watched. They took a taxi to Jessica’s place. Alex grabbed a taxi and told the driver to follow them inconspicuously. He knew now where she was staying and watched her the next few days learning her new schedule. He knew Amelia created a schedule and stuck to it, she was a creature of habit.

           One night Alex was following her while she went window shopping. She turned around at a loud noise and saw Alex’s face. She froze then turned around and walked away first slowly. Then she heard “Mel, I love you, but you won’t get away from me again. You’re mine baby.” She began running faster and faster Amelia was running for her live, her heart felt it was pounding out of her chest.  With every step she took her feet felt as if they were sinking into the concrete. She turned behind her to see if Alex was still after her. She quick whipped back round with her recently short and dyed red hair bobbing around, she pushed it back away from her eyes. She glanced back and didn’t see him.

           She saw an alleyway and darted in shadows hoping to not be seen. She never imagined this is where she’d be.

           She saw him run by still trying to find where she ended up. She stood relieved and out of breath. Just then she heard a loud screech and crash. For a moment the world stood still. She peeked out of the alley to see a taxi stopped at the crosswalk of an intersection. There on the ground was lying Alex lifeless and bloody. She ran over but he was already gone. The driver, on the phone with 911, as Amelia sat there confused with so many feelings. She did once love him but in a way, she felt relief because she knew she was safe. It was just not the way she imagined it happening.

           One week later she returned home to Chatham. That first morning back she made her coffee and sat on the beach to watch the sunrise again, she missed seeing that. Minnie joined her on the beach sitting down next to her and putting her arm around her. She felt that just maybe she was going to be okay again.

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