Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Hannah Queen I am a senior at Kennesaw State University and will graduate in spring of 2019. In my blog there are works I have completed in class as well as some of my creative writings. Below is a way to easily navigate through my blog. To get back to the home page just click the back to home button on the bottom of each post. Enjoy reading my friends!


Writings: These are collections of a few of my writings I have posted on here. In writings are listed two poems and a short story, including Journey Through Colors, Wasted and “Amelia’s Beach House”. To go to writings just click the icon.

Multimodal Projects: This is a collections of projects I have done in various semesters. Included in this is Wedtorics, Conformity, Article Review, and an Infographic. To go to multimodal projects click on the icon.

Lifestyle: This a collection of blog post written that are more personable. This includes an experiential review of Medieval Times and life advice based on movies and t.v. shows. To go to Lifestyle click on the icon.